Equipment List For New Vet Clinics with PDF Guide!

From autoclaves to X-ray equipment we go through the must-have items for a Veterinary clinic. Veterinary clinics require specific equipment and instruments to work with. Opening a new Veterinary clinic? Doing a clinic renovation? This list is for you! We created a list of recommended equipment for a Veterinary clinic, to ensure you are covered.


Surgeries are routine in Veterinary clinics so having a reliable, high-quality Anesthesia machine is important. You want to do your research on this one and ensure you are purchasing one that is safe, reliable and makes the process very smooth while providing minimal risk to your patient.

Manufactured in Canada, we are proud to sell Supera Veterinary Anesthesia machines that are recognized and used in Veterinary clinics and leading universities across North America. Engineered for ease of use and safety these machines can be used with small or large animals. 

Cages + Kennels

You will need a location for animals to go while awaiting pickup or for surgery recovery. Cages and Kennels come in all shapes and sizes. Not sure what you need? Check out our blog for multiple articles on cages, maintenance, and tips for choosing. When you’re ready, download our “Quickstart guide to cages”.

Veterinary Dental

Animals need their teeth checked and cleaned, just like humans. Ensuring you have all the dental equipment and instruments available can be overwhelming. Each patient’s needs will vary depending on species and size.

Intriquip is an official dealer of Dentalaire products in Canada. They offer high-quality dental carts as well as a full line of dental instruments for your procedures. Simplicity, low maintenance, and high quality are all benefits of Dentalaire products. We offer their complete line of accessories to ensure you have the right tool on hand. Rest assured we have you covered,  from veterinary dental machines, instruments, consumables, and x-ray machines.

Veterinary Diagnostics

Before surgeries start, you need to know the problem and when it is not obvious you will need the right tools to help you determine the issue. You will need a wide range of equipment to help you diagnose client problems. 

Don’t forget about endoscopy!

Surgical Equipment, Lighting, and Tables

Exam rooms, prep-procedure area, and a surgical suite are a staple of every veterinary clinic. These areas will fill up the majority of your clinic. With so many options of tables, lights, and surgical equipment it may be hard to know where to start. Equipment will have all types of features like hydraulics, lifts, mobile or stationary, and sizes. Having high-quality products is key to ensuring the safety of your patients and ease of use for your staff.

Our surgical equipment includes instrument tables, sinks, tubs, gurneys, stands, and more. Our veterinary tables include tables for bathing, exam, lift, prep, surgery, and prep procedure. They come with all types of features including wall-mounted, lift, hydraulic, v-top, and more. All are made with the highest-grade stainless steel and manufactured in the US. 

Our lighting selection brings a wide variety to fit your budget and needs. We offer headlamps and surgery lights, all of the highest quality. 


Another key component of every veterinary clinic is microscopes. Our large selection of microscopes fit all budgets and needs. A selection of accessories (including cameras, upgrades and modifications, extra bulbs, and more) ensures you have what you need to get the job done.

Patient Monitoring

Monitors come in all shapes, sizes, and features. We recommend making a list of what features you need for your clinic. This will help narrow down what model may be best for you. We offer a variety of vet monitors including multi-parameter touchscreen monitors, monitor accessories, handheld, and mobile monitors as well as infusion pumps. These monitors come from top brands like Bionet,  and Avante.

Veterinary Scales

You’re going to want a couple of these in the clinic. We offer portable or stationary scales for all sizes of animals.


The easiest way to sterilize your instruments is by having at least one autoclave. Autoclaves come in various capacities as well as automatic or manual. Tuttnauer launched a special line of veterinary autoclaves with automatic and manual options. We carry a selection of new and used options from top companies like Tuttnauer

To ensure you get the best care you need, we are an authorized manufacturer service center in western Canada for the Tuttnauer brand.


Diagnostic imaging like ultrasound is another key component of your veterinary equipment. It is an important tool to provide a diagnosis. You will want a top-quality product that also provides high-quality and high-resolution images. Whether you are working with companion animals or out in the field with large animals, an ultrasound will be essential. We specialize in portable ultrasounds for larger animals made by Reproscan.

Veterinary Patient Warming

Patient warming is a key component of your surgery suite. You can get all kinds of patient warming devices so do your research, or read our article on “Comparing patient warming systems” and decide the best fit for your clinic.

Veterinary X-ray Machines

One of the biggest purchases you will make for your clinic is the x-ray machine. It can be a complicated and confusing selection. Start by determining whether you want DR or CR. Not sure the difference? Check out our “Differences between CR and DR Radiography”. Once you decide on that, establish what size of animals you will be working with and if portability is important. We offer high-quality, professional veterinary x-ray systems customized for your clinic. We have product specialists to help you find the right fit for your clinic and a full-service team to help get you started and keep you going.

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