Centrifuge Maintenance

Centrifuge Maintenance Checklist

Centrifuges require cleaning and maintenance like any other piece of equipment. Staying on top of regular maintenance helps ensure that your centrifuge will keep working and prevents unwanted breakdowns which would leave you stranded.

Centrifuge location tips:

  • Place on a flat and level surface
  • Ensure emergency numbers are nearby and up to date
  • If relocating centrifuge, ensure new surface is clear and clean

Daily (or weekly) Checklist

  • Unplug Centrifuge
  • Wear Disposable Gloves
  • Clean interior and exterior with a cloth/sponge and  mild detergent (no chlorine or harsh detergent!)
  • Only use a plastic scrub pad – do not use steel wool or wire brushes as they can damage coatings
  • Check for corrosion and residue on motors
  • Once complete, make sure you re-lubricate rubber seals and bucket grooves
  • Plug centrifuge back in when completely dry
Scheduling a preventative maintenance inspection with a trained technician will help prolong the life of your centrifuge and reduce the risk of you not being stranded by a breakdown. We offer this service to veterinary and medical clinics across Canada. An appointment with a technician will ensure that your centrifuge is fully inspected, cleaned and looked after to ensure no damage or issues are present. Contact us today to schedule your appointment.