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Endoscopy Use in General Practice

Once considered a tool of specialty hospitals, endoscopy is a unique opportunity for veterinarians in general practice to expand their services and improve patient care. Endoscopes can be used for both diagnostic and treatment purposes and can add significant value to your practice.

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The Importance of Patient Side Diagnostics

When it comes to patient care, diagnostic testing plays a critical role in your ability to determine an appropriate treatment plan and improve patient health. While many diagnostic tools are available in veterinary medicine, patient-side diagnostics provide some unique benefits. Their ability to offer quick results can dramatically reduce diagnostic time and improve patient outcomes. Additionally, patient-side diagnostics are often less expensive and provide financial benefits for both you and your clients.

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Easy Steps to Leak testing your anesthesia machine

Leak testing your anesthesia machine is a very important task at any practice.  All machines require maintenance and daily inspections to ensure they function properly and to avoid any possible breakdowns. Anesthesia machines are no different. Leaks are the most common issue with anesthesia machines. A leak anywhere will decrease the amount of gas delivered to the

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Tips for starting your own veterinary clinic

Ready to venture out on your own and open your own practice from the ground up? Opening your own veterinary clinic can be a difficult task. Staring a new business comes with challenges and can be a difficult and overwhelming task. If you take your time and carefully plan it can be a smooth process.

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What equipment is needed for a Veterinary clinic?

From autoclaves to X-ray equipment we go through the must-have items for a Veterinary clinic. Veterinary clinics require specific equipment and instruments to work with. Opening a new Veterinary clinic? Doing a clinic renovation? This list is for you! We created a list of recommended equipment for a Veterinary clinic, to ensure you are covered.

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Centrifuge Maintenance

Centrifuge Maintenance Checklist Centrifuges require cleaning and maintenance like any other piece of equipment. Staying on top of regular maintenance helps ensure that your centrifuge will keep working and prevents unwanted breakdowns which would leave you stranded. Centrifuge location tips: Place on a flat and level surface Ensure emergency numbers are nearby and up to

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When to upgrade from CR to DR X-Ray?

When to upgrade your CR system to DR? When should you upgrade? When the CR starts having frequent service issues When volume grows to the point where the CR is time-consuming When you are moving facilities or renovating the clinic. The layout of the x-ray room can be much more efficient with a DR system.

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Best microscopes for Veterinary use

Top microscopes for Veterinarians Looking for the best microscopes for veterinary use? Looking for a professional microscope for your practice? Our product specialist narrowed it down to the top 2 microscopes for veterinary use. We went through the big differences and what may fit your practice. Labomed CXL and Motic BA210 Benefits of these microscopes in a

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How to layout your cage arrangement

Veterinary Cage Arrangement Tips If you have looked into purchasing cages for your clinic or practice you will know, it can be a complicated process. To keep things simple we gathered up the top 3 things you have to keep in mind while planning out your space. Veterinary cage guidelines: Each row must be the

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