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When to upgrade from CR to DR X-Ray?

When to upgrade your CR system to DR?

When should you upgrade?

  • When the CR starts having frequent service issues
  • When volume grows to the point where the CR is time-consuming
  • When you are moving facilities or renovating the clinic. The layout of the x-ray room can be much more efficient with a DR system.
What to look for in a DR system
  • Software usability, user-friendliness
  • Software support and maintenance
  • DR warranty
  • DR specifications and image quality
How much does a veterinary DR x-ray system cost? The price of a DR x-ray system will vary but here is what you can expect in Canada.

  • DR Retrofit (adding a DR to an existing x-ray table) can be accomplished for as little as $35K CAD
  • A complete new DR X-Ray package with a new X-Ray generator and table starts at $58K CAD
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Mixed Animal X-Ray DR Panel Features

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The difference between CR and DR radiography.

Want to know the difference between CR and DR radiography? Look no further! If you own or are looking to buy an x ray system, you have probably heard of CR and DR radiography. Both are types of digital x ray equipment but what is the difference between CR and DR radiography? Digital Radiography (DR)

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