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The difference between CR and DR radiography.

Want to know the difference between CR and DR radiography? Look no further!

If you own or are looking to buy an x ray system, you have probably heard of CR and DR radiography. Both are types of digital x ray equipment but what is the difference between CR and DR radiography?

Digital Radiography (DR) is the latest advancement in Radiography. DR technology quickly transfers images to the computer so you can view and diagnose without wait time. DR systems can be fixed or mobile. These systems are perfect for any clinic or mobile practice. Digital radiography systems are more expensive than Computed Radiography, but they come with many advantages.

Computed Radiology (CR) is the digital replacement of X-ray film radiography. CR radiography uses phosphor image plates to create a digital image. Although it is an older technology, it is still digital technology and is more cost effective. It does need more input and requires more time for image acquisition.

A comparison chart of the difference between CR and DR radiography:

Digital Radiography (DR)


  • Higher quality image
  • Can be portable: perfect for mobile
    and clinics
  • Rapid image viewing
  • More efficient: higher workflow
  • Less risk of overexposure
  • More compact


  • Higher initial cost
  • Costly parts (should always be protected)

Computed Radiography (CR)


  • Lower initial cost
  • More flexible plate sizes for positioning options
  • Less cost to replace
  • Great for any size clinic


  • Need more maintenance
  • Lower image quality
  • Easier to damage phosphor image plates can get scratches/tears
  • Less efficient: slower workflow
  • More xray dose required
  • Takes up more space
  • More time to process images before initial viewing

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