All About Veterinary Patient Warming

PATIENT WARMING: One of the most valuable enhancements to improve outcomes in patient care

When it comes to patient warming you have a variety of options. You want something that is safe and provides stabilized warmth. The three main types of patient warming systems are air, electric and water. They are not the same and not every system is designed specifically for veterinary use.

Lets debunk the two big myths surrounding patient warming systems.

1. They don’t do anything.
    If you have ever been near one, you will now they work.

2. They burn the animal.
    Most systems are controlled and safe to use. If you are worried about burning, get one that has equally distributed heat and a range of safety features to protect you and the animal.

The three main types of warming systems.

Hot Water:
• Requires distilled water
• Needs periodic descaling and cleaning
• Possibility to be cut open
• Quiet operation
• Heat not evenly distributed

Forced -Air:
• Heat not evenly distributed
• High risk of infections with air blowing on surgical site
• Loud operation (fan)
• Take of a large amount of space making it awkward in surgery rooms

• Designed specifically for Veterinary use
• Safe, stable and reliable
• Warmth is equally distributed
• Durable and easy to clean
• Portable and easy to use
• Quiet operation