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Maintenance guides for Veterinary equipment and products including guides, photography and videos.


Easy Steps to Leak testing your anesthesia machine

Leak testing your anesthesia machine is a very important task at any practice.  All machines require maintenance and daily inspections to ensure they function properly and to avoid any possible breakdowns. Anesthesia machines are no different. Leaks are the most common issue with anesthesia machines. A leak anywhere will decrease the amount of gas delivered to the …

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Centrifuge Maintenance

Centrifuge Maintenance Checklist Centrifuges require cleaning and maintenance like any other piece of equipment. Staying on top of regular maintenance helps ensure that your centrifuge will keep working and prevents unwanted breakdowns which would leave you stranded. Centrifuge location tips: Place on a flat and level surface Ensure emergency numbers are nearby and up to …

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Cage Care and Maintenance

Cage Care and Maintenance | Veterinary Cages Care for your cages and knowing when/how to clean them is extremely important in prolonging the life of your cages. Whether you have cages for your veterinary clinic, grooming facility or animal rescue, it is important to keep them clean.    It is critical that products containing Chlorine …

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Autoclave Maintenance Checklist

Autoclave Maintenance Checklist for your Practice BEFORE EACH USE Ensure the contents being sterilized are clean and free from debris. The instruments could become damaged if not cleaned. Inspect the door gasket for wear or cracking. The gasket and surface should be cleaned with a mild detergent using a cloth. When running a sterilization cycle …

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