Veterinary Ultrasounds

We are proud to offer veterinary ultrasounds for mixed and large animal practices.

Our simple, durable, affordable Reproscan ultrasounds provide veterinarians with dependable, diagnostic image quality in a compact, portable systems. A range of probes ensures efficient image acquisition for every veterinary application. We are proud to be the Canadian dealer for Reproscan ultrasounds. This means that we are experts in what we sell. Our in-house service team provides service and support across Canada if required.

We carry the full line of Reproscan ultrasounds including viewing devices like goggles, monitor and more. Designed specifically for veterinary use, let us help find the best fit for your practice. The ultrasounds are designed for many different applications including beef, dairy, equine, swine, small ruminants, and companion animals.



What ultrasound is best for my application?

Whether it's for beef, dairy, equine, or swine, our ultrasound units are tailored to meet every veterinary application effectively. Discover the ideal ultrasound for every vet need – from beef and dairy to equine and swine – with our versatile range.

Small Ruminants

Our Boviscan and Flexx ultrasound units from Reproscan are expertly designed for small ruminants, delivering precision and ease in every scan, making them ideal tools for specialized veterinary care.

Companion Animal

The Flexx ultrasound units from Reproscan are superbly suited for companion animals, offering precise diagnostics with user-friendly functionality, ideal for small animal veterinary practices.


What sets Reproscan apart from other veterinary ultrasounds?

Reproscan ultrasound units stand out in the veterinary market due to their unique blend of portability, user-friendly design, and robust functionality. They are built for challenging environments, ensuring reliability. Their focus on practical features and accessibility makes them a preferred choice for varied veterinary applications, from companion animals to larger livestock.

Training Courses

During the fall season, we offer ultrasound training courses in Saskatchewan and Alberta. Whether you are a seasoned vet or new to the field, attending a training course can help strengthen and sharpen your skills. You can join our waiting list or contact us once the dates are released. Space is limited so we advise you to book in advance to avoid disappointment.

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