Dentalaire Carts: Prestige VS Ultimate

Dentalaire Dental Carts Prestige vs Ultimate

Dentalaire dental carts for Veterinarians are reliable, versitile and high quality. The features speak for themselves, but what are the differences between the Dentalaire Prestige and Ultimate carts? Here is a chart to show you the main differences.
Modern Design Traditional Design
2 Year Warranty 1 Year Warranty
Replaceable Scaler Headpiece Must Replace Scaler Tubing Assembly to Replace Handpiece
LED Lighted Piezo Scaler Piezo Scaler (no light)
Internal Storage Area Under Lid No Storage
Controls On The Side Controls On The Front
Service Parts Easily Accessible Service Parts Located Under Counter Top
Industry’s ONLY Pneumatic life for heigh adjustment Manual Height Adjustment
Oiless Compressor Available Oiless Compressor Available
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