Ultrasound Season is Here: Are You Ready?

Here in Canada, specifically in many of the Prairie Provinces, what many veterinarians call ‘Ultrasound Season’ is just around the corner. Numerous veterinarians – especially large animal veterinarians – get super busy in the late summer into early fall months, pregnancy-checking large livestock herds.

During this time of year, it is very easy for veterinarians and their technicians to be extremely swamped, so preparing yourself with everything you need to know before the season hits is something many vets have already started doing.

Let’s take a look at what new products Intriquip has for ‘Ultrasound Season’ and how you can be prepared for the upcoming months.

The Apexx – ResproScan’s Newest Ultrasound

Having similar aspects to all ReproScan ultrasound machines, Intriquip is proud to introduce ReproScan’s newest ultrasound, the Apexx. The Apexx is equipped with a 128-crystal probe allowing for image quality like no other. The 128-crystal probe can be either Convex or Linear Rectal.

Different from all other ReproScan machines, the Apexx comes with multiple signal outputs and Wi-Fi compatibility. Having multiple signal outputs means you can hook up multiple viewing devices at the same time. ReproScan recommends pairing the Apexx with goggles when working with Dairy cattle and a 2.0 Wireless Monitor when working with Beef. Having Wi-Fi compatibility also means you can hook up your very own devices and receive images from the ReproScan App. Available for IOS and Android, the app along with the Apexx’s Wi-Fi compatibility, saving images or video clips with patient information attached has never been so easy.

Built-in is a freeze button and rapid zoom function that measures 6-24 cm. The Apexx carries one Lithium-ion battery that lasts 4-6 hours, but changing the battery is super easy and can be done in minutes.

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Comparing the Apexx to other ReproScan Ultrasound Machines

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To compare, the Apexx is going to be most similar to an XTC or XTL while in use. All three come with a built-in freeze button and a rugged outer shell for protection. All three also use the same batteries that are easy to change when needed on those long days out in the field.

With many new features, the Apexx is going to have some overall differences, but running this machine in comparison to any other ReproScan Ultrasound should be a breeze. Designed specifically to be a veterinarian’s machine, the new features available on the Apexx will be game-changing for vets, allowing you to ultrasound as efficiently as possible.

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What to Consider when Purchasing a New Ultrasound

There are many factors you should consider when purchasing a new, large animal ultrasound; let’s talk about a couple.

When performing a large animal ultrasound, you never know where you could be. Some producers only have one or two animals that need an ultrasound and have no problem bringing them to you at the clinic. Others may have four-hundred heads who all need to be pregnancy checked, who also may or may not have a safe, operational chute. Whatever the atmosphere you find yourself in, your ultrasound machine needs to be portable, allowing you to provide every animal with the best possible care. Having a machine that allows you to go wherever you need it to, whether it’s in the clinic or the field, portable ultrasounds are a must-have when being used on large animals.

Image Quality
Having an ultrasound with a high image quality is always going to be a high priority when carrying out ultrasounds on large animals. Pregnancy checking does not require a super high-quality image and can be performed with a lower-quality image ultrasound. Anything else like fetal sexing and aging, embryo transfers, or finding and diagnosing reproductive issues all require an ultrasound with a high-quality image.

Endurance and Strength
When it comes to large animal ultrasounds, having a machine that is going to last and be able to take a fall is something you want to consider. Because of the vast work environments you may face, the machine not only needs to hold up against the weather and rough livestock but needs to have a good battery life too. Looking at ultrasounds with a rugged outer case and easy-to-remove batteries so they can be changed on the go is always something to consider.

Ultrasound vs Hand Palpation

Hand or manual palpation can be used to detect pregnancies, generally only being used on bovine. If your livestock are comfortable with it, only have a couple of animals to examine, or are performing pregnancy checks without a veterinarian present, hand palpation is an option and means you would not require an ultrasound machine.


Many veterinarians prefer to use an ultrasound machine not only because it is safer for the animal, but is also much more accurate, and can save a lot of stress on a vet’s arm and shoulder. In comparison, a pregnancy can be extremely hard to detect with hand palpation before thirty-five days. With ultrasound, pregnancies can be detected as early as twenty-six to twenty-eight days.


Many producers who run large herds of livestock are also interested in fetal sexing, which cannot be done with hand palpation. Using an ultrasound machine, fetal sex can be determined within the first sixty to ninety days. Lastly, when using hand palpation, physically handling a cow’s uterus can cause damage or can result in a loss if not careful. With an ultrasound, a small probe is inserted rectally. These probes are designed to keep both the cow and fetus safe during an ultrasound examination.

Intriquip’s Ultrasound Training Course

Learning to use a ReproScan Ultrasound machine is extremely easy. Intriquip offers ReproScan training courses in the fall of every year. In-person, hands-on training allows you to get familiar with your machine and probes but also teaches you how to read the ultrasound image.


Intriquip also offers online training from ReproScan with hours’ worth of training content, just in case you cannot make it to an in-person training or feel you need a bit more information about your ultrasound machine before using it on your own.


This year, with the launch of the new Apexx Ultrasound machine, it will be a main focus of our in-person training courses this fall. No matter what Reproscan Ultrasound you have or are interested in, Intriquip’s training courses are meant for all ReproScan machines. With CE Credits available for veterinarians at our in-person training, we invite everyone to check out our Training page on the website or speak with anyone here at Intriquip to find out more about dates, times, locations, and how to get signed up.

With ‘Ultrasound Season’ fast approaching for many large animal veterinarians, having everything you need and knowing what you’re up against is always a great way to prepare. Whether you’re in the market for a new ultrasound, interested in a training course, or just need more information about large animal ultrasound; reach out to any one of us here at Intriquip, and we would be happy to assist. Be sure to take a look at Intriquip’s Ultrasound selection or our Training options for more information.