Tuttnauer EZ-10 Fully Automatic Autoclave

The Tuttnauer EZ-10 autoclave is a compact, fully automatic steam sterilizer that does all the work for you.


One-button activation and it runs the entire cycle until the load is ready to be removed. This time-saving, closed-door fully automatic autoclave sterilizes and dries your equipment in no time. The chamber door remains closed during the entire cycle, while replaceable 0.2μm Hepa air filters circulates in the chamber. All program parameters can be customized and stored.

  • Chamber dimensions: 10″ x 19″
  • Number of trays: 4
  • Cassette capacity: 3 full and 3 half



  • Maintains sterility and ensures efficient drying of packs and pouches
  • High-efficiency air pump circulates air in the chamber during the drying cycle
  • Documents date, time, temperature, and pressure
  • With program selection, detailed digital display, programmable keys and system indicators
  • Program parameters can be customized and stored
  • Pre-loaded cycles for unwrapped instruments, wrapped/packs, glassware and additional drying cycle.


Tuttnauer EZ9 EZ10 Brochure