PS3000 Livestock/Veterinary Scale

The accurate and reliable PS3000 livestock/veterinary scale accurately weighs horses, cows and other larger animals. Ideal for accurate measurements where treatments or administration of feed needs to be closely monitored.


  • The full size livestock/veterinary platform is supplied with plywood mounting holes to allow users to fit their own plywood top to help reduce noise and risk of slipping.
  • The useful hold function for single user weighing enables the scale to capture the weight and retain it while you tend to the animal.
  • Detachable indicator for charging convenience
  • The battery operation for remote locations and detachable indicator makes battery charging easy.
  • Includes desk or wall mount bracket.

PS300 Veterinary Scale Specifications:

  • Designed for rigorous applications
  • Designed for a variety of jobs including:
    • equestrian weighing
    • shipping and receiving
    • feed carts
    • bulk containers
  • Hold function ideal for a single user weighing

Product Specifications

    • 3000lbs


Download PS3000 Livestock/Veterinary Scale Comparison Brochure