Mobile Portable Endoscopes

Mobile Portable Endoscopes for companion animals.

Portable design provides the most convenient and quick endoscopy. Equipped with portable LED light source, which can provide bright and high quality lighting under any circumstances. Waterproof design for the insertion tube, convenient for cleaning and disinfection.

We have a couple of models to choose from. CONTACT US FOR MORE INFORMATION.

The MVE 6010 is a self-contained ambulatory endoscopy system. With integral screen, battery and recording capabilities, the MVE-6010 is extremely cost-effective. The complete ambulatory system has a broad range of applications including ear, nose, throat, urinary tract and bladder amongst others. With two-way angulation of 180° [up] and 160° [down] the tip deflection also allows visualization behind the palate. The ambulatory video bronchoscope is the perfect solution for surgery or ambulatory diagnosis.

Supplied with:
Leak tester • biopsy forceps • battery pack • video recording head for moving image and stills • cleaning brush • aspiration catheter • operation manual • channel irrigator • protective case for transport


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