MI-550 Exam Light

MI-550 exam light is LED Excellence for exams and diagnostics.


This exam light is the perfect fit and offers the greatest value in an examination and diagnostic light. It provides maximum brightness, sharpness and color accuracy. So you can visualize your work in the most precise way. The 50,000 hour-rated LED life ensures this light will serve your practice for many years, while consuming very little energy.




  • 55,000 LUX at 24″ (610mm) distance
  • 4,300° K pure white illumination
  • CRI (Color Rendering Index) of 97
  • Whiter, more color-correct light than halogen exam lights
  • Near-zero heat from both light beam and light head housing
  • High efficiency with half the electric consumption of standard halogen lights
  • Compact head design
  • Lower overall maintenance
  • Longer arms that provide a wider 11-foot circle of reach
  • Smoother movement and greater maneuverability of the arm

The MI-550 exam light is available in single ceiling, dual ceiling, wall and portable mounting options.


Download MI-550 Exam Light Brochure

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