Imaging Processor

The prefect match for your endoscope.
Three models to choose from:

VET-1200R:Compatible with Sony camera head
VET-1200Li:Built-in lithium battery, can be widely used for different locations.
VET-1200RH:Compatible with HD camera head.
Tips:All the flexible endoscopy parts of the VET-1200 series image processors are consistent.


Imaging Processor Features:

VET-OR1200R & VET-OR1200RH, Compatible with OTV

VET-OR1200R & VET-OR1200RH are based on the newest digital technology. With optionally available camera head, which can be connected to flexible endoscopes or rigid endoscopes.

USB Function

The USB interface can be used to store video and still images using U disk.

HD Image: Megapixel Display HD display, true representation. High-definition image display, more details, clearly looking into any subtle changes before the eyes.

(HbE) Hemoglobin Enhancement:  The powerful upgraded HbE function can better highlight the hemoglobin in the blood and has obvious invigorating effect on the possible blood-flow direction in the diseased tissue.


Download Imaging Processor Brochure