Bio-Ray Medallion Sensor

The Bio-Ray Medallion sensori is a intraoral digital xray sensor that produces high quality images while saving time and space. It comes in 2 different sizes, is water resistant and has a direct to usb connection. With this new technology you can obtain a better diagnosis, faster. The Medallion sensor comes with Metron DVM or XVL software.

Bio-Ray Medallion Sensor is available in 2 sizes.


  • Save time with fast image acquisition – images transfer directly to the PC with no scanning required
  • Conserve space with the sensor’s compact size
  • Minimize risk from human error and enjoy extra reliability – the fixed sensor has no moving parts
  • Sizes available:
  • Size 1 with a sensitive (active) area of 30 x 20 mm (ideal for tight areas).
  • Size 2, with a sensitive (active) area of 33 x 25 mm: a larger surface area for standard examinations.