Avante NXT5 Infusion Pump

More precise, safer and easier to use the Avanti NXT5 infusion pump contains a sophisticated motor and dual detectors to guarantee infusion precision and stability.



Avante NXT5 Infusion Pump Features:

  • High precision pressure sensor detects down to 50mmHg within 1ms
  • Dual CPU monitors
  • Built-in drip sensor to control fluids flux
  • Intelligent pulse compensation technology
  • Heating technology provides adequate temperature
  • 800 infusion records and last configuration memory
  • Built-in battery, over 8 hours
  • Modes for wide range of applications:
    • Rate Mode
    • Drop Mode
    • Time Mode
  • Anti-bolus system.
  • 4″ LCD display
  • LED alarm light with a variety of audible and visual alarms.
  • Ergonomic operation interface makes it easy to adjust and monitor the parameters
  • Software adjusting function suited for any brand of infusion sets
  • Automatic light while door is open, easy to operate at night
  • Horizontal door clip to easily close and open the door


Avanti NXT5 Infusion Pump Brochure