Veterinary Cryotherapy

Handheld cryosurgery unit for veterinary use. Ideal for smaller lesions on the face, the nose, eyelids, ears, legs, and feet are often considered not important enough for surgery under general or local anesthetic. Freezing of tissue is much quicker, as a treatment only takes seconds and no anesthesia, no preparation, and no follow-up care are required.

Benefits of cryotherapy

  • Minimal pain and discomfort
  • Non-invasive
  • Fast Recovery
  • Affordable
  • Safer than surgery, no complicated pre or post-treatment
  • Minimal surface trauma, no scarring

What are veterinary applications for cryotherapy? You may use cryotherapy for canine and feline warts, skin tags and tumors. It may also be used for equine skin and eyelids tumors as well as on other animals such as birds for growths on the mouth, eyes and skin.

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