Veterinary Sterilizers

Superior sterilizers made specifically for your veterinary clinic. We offer a full line of automatic and manual autoclaves for your clinic.

Veterinary clinics are busy and your time is important. Our autoclaves are easy to use which allows you to take care of your patients, which is the most important part of the job. We are proud to sell the full line of Tuttnauer autoclaves. Intriquip is the authorized service center for all of western Canada.

Tuttnauer autoclaves offer a variety of features including:

  • Self locking door: open, close and lock with a gentle push, easy to use with one hand, self-locking steel door with double safety mechanism.
  • Durable chamber: electropolished stainless steel chambers, built to last
  • Simple drainage
  • Trays and tray handle included
Have a broken sterilizer? Contact our Repair and Support team to help get you up and running!


Compare Vet Specific Autoclaves

Tuttnauer Autoclave Comparison for Veterinarians

Autoclave Maintenance

Don’t forget to check out our autoclave maintenance checklist!

Autoclave Maintenance Checklist

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