Laminate vs Stainless-Steel Cages: What Should I Choose for My Cat Area?

Trips to the vet or an overnight stay in a boarding facility can be scary and stressful for cats. Having large personalities and being introduced to new, unfamiliar environments often enhances stress levels in our feline friends. There are plenty of steps veterinary clinics and boarding facilities can take to ensure a safe and happy environment for cats, and having Laminate Cat Cages is a key first step.

Cat Cages: Comparing the Options

Here at Intriquip, we carry an array of different cages. Coming in all shapes, sizes, and materials, how can you be sure you pick the best option for your space? Let’s talk about the cages Intriquip offers and compare which ones are best for cats.

  • Aristocrat Laminate Cages: These cages are one of the most basic models Intriquip carries. Being Laminate they are extremely cat friendly, can be cleaned easily, and come in different shapes and sizes to help fit in the space you have. These cages are also fairly inexpensive and can be a great way to help cut down on your equipment budget.

  • Aristo-Cat Laminate Kitty Suites: This line of cages are Intriquip s high-end cat cages. Offering virtually everything the Aristocrat Cages offer and more, these cages will make your cat feel right at home no matter where they are. Again, you can come up with any configuration you would like, our Kitty Suites even have the option to have built-in litter boxes and storage compartments.

  • Stainless-Steel Regal Cages: Another high-end line of cages Intriquip offers, Stainless-Steel Regal Cages are another great option for your space. Unlike the body of either the Aristocrat Laminate Cages or Aristo-Cat Laminate Kitty Suites, the Stainless-Steel cages have a body constructed of high-quality stainless steel. The Stainless-Steel Regal Cages are heavy-duty and work to house any type of animal.

Cage Comparison Chart:

Aristocrat Laminate Cages

Aristo-Cat Laminate Kitty Suites

Stainless-Steel Regal Cages

-Stainless-Steel Doors

-12-Gauge Stainless-Steel Hinges

-Stainless-Steel Latch

-22-Gauge Type 304 Stainless-Steel Body



-Water Resistant Plastic Laminate Body


-Fixed Resting Shelf



-Rotating Black Acrylic Side Door



What to Consider When Purchasing Cages for Your Cat Area

There are multiple things you should consider when you are in the market for new cages in your cat area. Whether you are a veterinary clinic or a boarding facility, having an environment where your patients or guests feel welcome is usually the top priority.

One thing to consider should be the size. Not all cats come in the same size, so neither should your cages. Some cats like a smaller space; some may enjoy the freedom to move around and stretch as needed. Having multiple cages of different sizes helps to elevate stress in cats.

Another aspect to think about when purchasing cages is the security it has and having the animal’s welfare in mind. Knowing if the cages are going to be sturdy enough to hold up any animal gives care providers a sense of ease. Cats are no strangers to having anxiety; knowing what materials they prefer over another can help relieve some of that tension. Cats are not very fond of stainless steel and if you have ever tried to get a scared cat into a stainless-steel cage, you may just agree.  When searching for new cages, be sure to look for Laminate options for feline areas.

Something else to contemplate is how easy the cages are to clean. Providing a safe space for cats especially is always going to be the main focus but making it easier on yourself is something everyone should be looking for. Having easy-to-clean or water-resistant cages can save care providers a lot of time and stress on themselves.

The last thing to consider when it comes to cat cages is how many windows and doors each cage has. We all know cats can be nosey and like to look around. Having multiple doors and windows allows the cats to look at what’s going on around them, see familiar faces, and even take the stress away from them as they can expect what’s coming around the corner.

Why Do Cats Prefer Laminate Cages?

Hand Petting Scared Cat in Cage

Many people already know cats can have large personalities. Some cats can be super shy while others are highly-strung, some get excited easily while some cats remain cool and calm in different environments. Having these large personalities, sometimes cats will veer away from stainless steel for a couple of reasons.

When close enough, reflections can be seen in stainless steel which can easily spook a cat. Stainless-Steel can also be cold to the touch depending on the environment or room around them. Cats thrive in warm areas, and being put in a cold cage may just be too far out of their comfort zone. Based on the grade of the stainless steel, it can also be a remarkably hard metal. For cats, this hard metal can not only be uncomfortable to lay on but can cause damage to their claws if they scratch it.

Recently, Laminate cages have become more popular for all the reasons Stainless-Steel cages are not when it comes to finding the best fit for cats. Many Laminate cages have a non-reflective surface because of the Laminate material they are constructed from. A non-reflective surface means there is no chance a cat would be able to see its reflection, leading to a less stressful environment for cats. Laminate is essentially plastic; plastic has a much lower thermal conductivity than metal, meaning it is not going to feel cold to the touch.

Lastly, because Laminate is just another form of plastic, it is not going to be as hard. It is going to be much more comfortable to lay on and if a cat happens to scratch the Laminate, they are less likely to cause any damage to their claws.

Fear Free

Laminate cages have also become very sought-after in recent years because of Fear Free. Fear Free is an online educational platform for veterinary professionals, pet owners, and anyone else who works with companion animals or in the veterinary industry. The educational content allows pet professionals to be in the know and on the front lines when it comes to keeping pets safe and happy in what is usually a stressful and scary environment.

Being a Fear Free clinic or boarding facility means you always have the animal’s welfare at heart. Making small adjustments like purchasing Laminate cat cages allows your clinic or boarding facility to be one step closer to being Fear Free and allows your patients or guests to have a much happier and healthier stay.

Select the Perfect Cat Cage with Intriquip

Whatever the personality, when a cat walks into a veterinary clinic or boarding facility the care providers always have their best interests at heart. Whether you are a vet clinic or a boarding facility, if you are Fear Free certified or are working your way to being certified, taking additional steps to make the animals and pets we care for feel safer is always going to be on the top of each care provider’s list. Visit Intriquip’s Cages and Kennels Page to find out more about what Cat Cages we offer, or contact one of our trusted Sales Associates.