Heavy-duty, professional indoor dog kennels / animal pens

Purchasing a kennel/animal pen system is an important investment for any business. Choosing the right system can increase revenue, attract customers by offering quality care and build equity. Our kennel systems are built strong and guaranteed to operate smoothly and look great. They will last for many years with minimal maintenance and no sour kennel smell. Whether you need a completely freestanding system or utilize your facility’s back or side walls, or even desire a system with masonry partitions, we will work with you to create the right system for you. 

Our indoor kennels (sometimes known as pens) are ideal for:

Veterinary Clinics
Pet Boarding
Dog Grooming Facilities
Dog Daycares
Animal Shelter
Humane Societies

Kennels raised floor1crop

Why choose our stainless steel kennels?

Strong –  Super strong and long-lasting stainless steel design like no other. Our exclusive design guarantees a tight, strip-free connection with superior holding power, and allows you to disassemble, rearrange and reassemble your Pen System at any time and still have a tight, sure connection. 

Noise Reduction – Our unique design eliminates shifting, racking or rattling and you can choose sound-deadening double-wall stainless steel lower panels to help eliminate sound between kennels.

Clean – Panels, tight corners and welded contact points ensure fluids and debris will never enter the frame. 

Modular Components – With completely modular components, we can design the perfect setup to meet your needs. And if the need arises, expanding or relocating your Pen System is no problem. Simply add or subtract components to your new space. 

Customized – We can work with your architect’s drawings, or a dimensional drawing with doors and windows indicated. We want your installation to maximize your available space, set-up smoothly, and provide years of trouble-free service to add to your bottom line.

Step 1: Choose from 4 types of lower panels

Kennels raised floor

Stainless Steel Raised Floor

Kennels facility floor

Stainless Steel
Facility Floor

kennels masonry raised

Masonry Walls Raised Floor

kennels masonry facility floor

Masonry Walls Facility Floor

Step 2:
Choose stainless steel or glass doors

WhatsApp Image 2022 05 20 at 3.58
Glass Door Kennels from a client in Ontario

Step 3:
Choose the number of kennels you would like


What size are the kennels?
Kennels are 36″ wide, 72″ deep, and 72″ tall

What is the minimum number of kennels I can buy?
No minimum, you can purchase one kennel/pen if that is all you need!

Are they customizable?
Yes, all our kennels are customized to your space depending on your needs. We can even work with your architect’s drawings for masonry wall kennels to find the perfect fit.


hillcrest cages2
Stainless Steel Facility Floor kennels at a customers clinic in Ontario

Featured Products

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Strong and Sturdy

Stainless Steel Hardware

Exclusive design guarantees a tight, strip-free connection with superior holding power.

Offset-mounted Panels

Designed to eliminate tight crevices where dirt and debris can get trapped.

Easy Change

Easy to disassemble, rearrange and reassemble your system at any time with a secure connection.


Four types of lower panels give you options you won't find with other systems.

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