acquire time wtih a dr

Time to acquire an x-ray with DR

Time is valuable, especially in a veterinary setting, whether in a clinic or mobile setting. If you have looked into DR X-ray systems you will have heard about the time savings they offer. Ever wondered how long it takes to acquire an x-ray with a DR system? We go through the steps to taking an x-ray with a DR system and the approximate amount of time it takes to acquire an image.

The steps to acquiring an x-ray:

  1. Enter patient data in software and setup study (1:00 minute)
  2. Prepare x-ray generator settings and place CR cassette in bucky tray (30 seconds)
  3. Position patient on the x-ray table, adjust collimator trigger generator exposure (1:00 minute)
  4. Remove cassette from bucky tray ad either process immediately or store it at a safe distance from x-ray table to avoid scatter radiation from subsequent exposures* (30 seconds)
  5. When ready to process (scan) multiple images, take cassettes to CR reader (scanner) (1:00 minute per image)
    Insert each cassette (image plate) and CR to scan and delete them one at a time
  6. Image is ready to be reused, can be used again

*Note: Step 4  workflow depends on several factors:

  • User preference
  • proximity of generator to CR scanner
Total time to acquire 2:30-3:00 per image/retake